No Soup, Tyldesley

March 2014 - Explored with Ojay, Nickindroy and ViralEye

This was a bit last minute having got a message from ViralEye the day before, 'Ojay is lifting lids in Tyldesley, wanna come?' - I couldn't refuse an invitation nearly on my doorstep!

After lifting several lids it became obvious we weren't getting into the overflow with the screening machinery because of bolted lids, but we did manage to gain access to the storage tank that takes the overflow from the sewer to prevent it from being washed into the nearby watercourse.

After lifting the lid and waiting a few minutes to let the chamber vent Ojay and myself went in first with the 4gas to check it was safe. Once we'd closed the hatch at the bottom of the first set of ladders that some UU goon had left open leading to certain arse soup death we emerged back to the surface to give the all clear for photos to be taken....

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No Soup, Tyldesley - 01.jpg
No Soup, Tyldesley
No Soup, Tyldesley - 02.jpg
No Soup, Tyldesley
No Soup, Tyldesley - 03.jpg
No Soup, Tyldesley
No Soup, Tyldesley - 04.jpg
No Soup, Tyldesley


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